Every day, stray dog acts as a crossing guard and protects young students crossing the street

Kupata is a stray dog from Batumi, Georgia, that has a big job. It is a self-appointed one, but it is nevertheless significant. He is a school crossing guard, aiding the local students in crossing the street.

Kupata is crazy with children. That’s why he wants to make sure kids go to school safely.


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Kupata arrived in town as a puppy one day. Despite the fact that Kupata was a stray, the community constantly fed and cared for him. He was residing in the stairway of a local apartment complex. He just started leaping out of automobiles to get them to stop so that children could cross the street.

Kupata will begin barking angrily at the automobiles. When they stop to a halt, he returns and walks beside the children as they cross. Kupata became protective of the children after playing with them at the park close to his residence.


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Kupata dedicates his life to ensuring that the park is secure for children. As a result, when he sees inebriated people hanging around there, he regularly barks.

“He has three best friends: Nona, who feeds him, one small girl, and Beka, who also cares after him.” Kupata grew raised with kids and enjoys playing with them. “There’s a park right next to his park, so he’s often playing with kids there,” Kupata’s Instagram manager told Bored Panda.

Or eating sausages. He is obsessed with sausage! So much so that he was given the moniker Sausage. That is precisely what Kupata implies. Kupata is presumably snoozing when he isn’t watching after the local children.

Kupata is well-liked in his town and went popular after a video of him crossing children went viral. Kupata is becoming a well-known tourist attraction.

People go long distances only to see him and snap pictures with him. The Adjara Tourism Department even provided him with his own dog home.

He’s even on the side of a local building. Kupata has inspired a local scheme that gives Batumi villagers a small yearly stipend for adopting stray dogs.

The city believes it would help them reduce their stray dog problem. So Kupata is rather famous. People have heard about him.

On his Instagram feed, he’s even referred to as “Pride of Georgia.” There’s a lot of Kupata-inspired artwork on that page.

But Kupata seems unconcerned by his internet popularity or his status as a local celebrity.

He just cares about getting those kids across the street safely. And he receives a lot of affection in return. Kupata receives presents from people all around the world. As a result, he is adored not only in his hometown, but around the world. But Kupata isn’t bothered by it.

In the video below, you may learn more about Kupata’s tale.

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