Panicked dog comes at night to his mother and begs her to follow him

The Brussos got their dog, Duke, from an orphanage in Portland, Connecticut. Duke is not content with life at the orphanage, but eventually becomes the ideal companion for his family.

Six years later, Duke shows his thanks to Brusso in the most kind manner conceivable!

The family just welcomed their little daughter, Harper, and Duke instantly became quite protective of his sister.

One night, while the family slept quietly, Duke abruptly went into his parents’ room and leapt into their bed.

He was shivering uncontrollably, refusing to carry out any commands given to him. Finally, his mother noticed something was wrong.

Duke escorted his parents to the room of a nine-week-old newborn and alerted them to a youngster who wasn’t breathing at all.

Family hurried kid to emergency room, doctor saved Harper’s life at the last minute!

When Duke made sure his sister was breathing okay and she was doing great, he finally calmed down!

The family trembled at the notion of what may have occurred if Duke hadn’t recalled them in time. They are eternally thankful to their rescue child, who is entirely oblivious that he is a hero!

We hope Duke’s tale motivates more and more people to give these courageous and loving rescue dogs a chance!

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