Thе оnlу wоrd this dоg knеw whilе bеing chаinеd оսtsidе fоr fivе уеаrs wаs “nо.”

Marley was tied up in a backyard for more than five years and received no attention from his owners. His meals were frequently Cheerios in a filthy pan—or nothing at all—and his water bucket was generally green with algae and trash.

His owner would smack him on the head if he became “too eager,” and the only word he knew was “no.” He had been so mistreated that he couldn’t even remember his own name.

But, as this new film illustrates, that all changed when his owner eventually succumbed and gave him to PETA after five years of effort by PETA fieldworkers. Marley’s body was infected with parasites, and he was in desperate need of food and care.

He lapped up all the attention he could get while receiving medical care at our shelter. Michael Moss, a PETA employee, couldn’t help but be attracted in by the lively little fella with an unbreakable spirit. Marley quickly met his forever family.

Marley now has a comfortable sofa to sleep on, a playmate named Kyah, and all the treats and snuggles he can bear. “I really, truly admired his tiny attitude… and [his] unbreakable spirit,” Moss adds. “He has toys, bones, treats, and Kyah—plus a spacious backyard to play with.” That is all I truly desire. “All I want is for him to be happy.”


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