Abandoned Dog About To Be Euthanized Clings To Her Stuffed Animal In Great Fear

 The stuffed animal was the only thing this poor dog had as a memory of her former family , who had abandoned her in a shelter. She had no idea why she had been abandoned, so all she could do was clutch to her toy in a corner.

The saddest thing is that her time was running out, because she was soon to be euthanized. It’s heartbreaking that this helpless pit bull was left to fend for herself at a shelter, knowing she was on the verge of being killed.

Her family should have offered her unconditional love, protection and a forever home. Adopting a dog is a tremendous responsibility, and their life should not be treated like a toy. This is something that can never be understood by someone who loves animals. Poor dogs frequently wind up in deplorable shelters for the most ludicrous of reasons.

A family abandoned a dog and her teddy

Sometimes abandonment happens because dogs get older, but in no case should that be a reason to “throw” them away. Other times, it’s because the dogs are out of control or have behavioral difficulties. Whatever the reason, it is not a justification to feel regretful about adopting; it is a promise that should not be violated.

According to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a shelter that saves children, this little pit bull dog named Layla was abandoned because her family thought “she was too much for them.” Stray, abandoned, and/or mistreated animals They believe they should have given it more thought before adopting Layla, who is now distraught and has only her stuffed animal to comfort her.

Shelter workers read notes left by her owner, who said she had five children and two other dogs, and it was too much for her. She apparently couldn’t tolerate it any longer and thought they already had enough dogs. It was very heinous; individuals should be more cautious before making judgments.

Layla really loved the children in the family, aged 2 and 7, she was the one protecting them , according to the shelter’s Facebook post. And when her family abandoned her, she was adrift, terrified, and confused about what had happened to everyone who was meant to understand for her. Her sole memory of them was her stuffed animal.

Indeed, the only thing that seemed to give him peace of mind was his stuffed animal. She took him around in order to find some sort of comfort. Worse, she is running out of time since it has been determined that she must be euthanized. They want to speak out on Layla’s behalf and on behalf of all the dogs of her breed who, like her, are being denied a shot at life just because they are pit bulls. They wish to raise awareness in order to encourage responsible adoption.

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