Dоg Frоm ShеItеr With UnusuаI Fасе Just Wаnts Sоmеоnе То Lоvе Нim

With Aardvark, you get exactly what you see: a silly, cute dog who is just as attractive on the inside as he is on the outside.

Aardvark was discovered wandering the streets of Baltimore City by a kind stranger in January, and he was immediately taken to the Maryland SPCA (MDSPCA). The sanctuary staff was astounded to see a 50-pound dog with cartoon-like features and flipper-like paws.

“Honestly, no one could take him seriously,” said Brittany Roger, a digital specialist with the MDSPCA. People were amused by his appearance and behavior.

Aardvark was only 8 months old when he was examined by the shelter’s veterinarians, and his little lower jaw had been with him since birth. According to Roger, many people believe he was in an accident. They are relieved to learn that he was born with such good looks.

Aardvark’s face malformation never seems to bother him or prevent him from being a great youngster. According to Roger, he not only eats well, but he also enjoys chewing on objects in a constructive manner. His good health and happiness add to the appeal of his antics.

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