Dog Survives Being Abandoned In The Snow To Go On And Live Her Best Life Yet

The unfortunate puppy had been lying in the snow for two days before someone came to her relief. Fortunately, the rescuers discovered her before she was entirely buried.

Stray Paws received a report about a dog who had been lying in the snow for two days and had no idea how she got there. Was she there because she was ill, injured, or in an accident?

They didn’t sure why the dog was there, but they knew they had to act quickly to save her. When they arrived, they discovered that the freezing puppy had been practically buried alive. Her body was half buried in snow, and she was lucky to be breathing because the temperatures were below freezing.

Nobody knows how the dog survived two days in the frigid weather. She couldn’t move and had to be in a lot of agony. Despite this, she let rescuers put her in a kennel and transport her to the vet.

Snow White was the right name for a frigid girl. They started warming up her small body with IV infusions after she arrived at the vet. The vet estimated her age to be around three years old.

Her body temperature was just 32.9°C, although the usual value is 38°C. She didn’t weigh much, so she had little shelter from the frigid conditions she was in. She had no tags and no one recognized her, so they believe she was abandoned.

They tried everything they could to help the adorable little puppy. It took some time for her to be able to walk on her paws again after they raised her body temperature. But, by some miracle, she lived and was able to walk about and even go outside by day two.

Despite her recovery, she was still not out of the woods. Snow White had a difficult recuperation since she became ill as well. It took some time and medicine, but three months after being rescued from the snow, she eventually found her own permanent home where she thrived and even had doggie pals.

Unfortunately, dogs like Snow White are frequently abandoned. But, happily, there are people like the Stray Paws rescues who do everything they can to assist. They are truly heroes, working relentlessly to save as many pets as possible.

We hope you liked seeing her joyful ending. Despite everything, she is such a nice, joyful child. It melts my heart to watch her thriving with her new family. Please, as always, share her story with your friends.

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