Frightened Puppy Mill Dog Hides Her Her Puppies In The Wall To ƙeep Them Safe

A dog that was forced to have puppies in a kennel in Australia, where such practices are illegal, decided to conceal her puppies in the cavity of a wall so that they would not endure the same agony she was.

The dogs at this South Australian kennel were in bad condition, were not adequately fed, were abused, and were forced to have unending litters.

This story was discovered by many animal protection organizations, such as ‘Oscar’s Law,’ who decided to bring to light the conditions in which these dogs lived and offered the RSPCA various tests (Animal Protection Society).

As a result, the authorities decided to intervene in order to rescue the animals from this ‘factory’ and release them from the dreadful conditions in which they were kept. But it was only afterwards that they discovered this horrific story was hiding something else.

They were particularly taken with a female beagle standing guard in a corner. Then they learned that this dog had hidden her four puppies in a cavity in a wall in the hopes that they would not steal her puppies or that they would not meet the same fate as her.

This hatchery has now been stopped, but it is unknown what will happen to the animals because these factories are legal in this region of New South Wales, as they are in other parts of the world.

As a result, a petition has been started to collect signatures in order to urgently change this rule and put a stop to these puppy ‘factories.’

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