“Good morning, your ticket please”: Puppy on the bus pretends not to listen when they ask for his ticket

The pup blatantly ignored the driver when he tried to charge him for his trip.

Puppies are the best protagonists , they always end up in funny situations that make our day. In this example, this furry man became viral on social media when a TikTok account captured him in this amusing scenario. The puppy was sitting on top of a Los Chinos bus, and he “played the wrong way” when they asked for money for his ticket.

The clip was shared by the account @renanquillehancco , where the driver can be heard jokingly asking the puppy for money for the transportation service. The small child, on the other hand, was already comfortably accommodated, believing that no one had noticed his existence.

At the request of the human, the furry decides to ignore him and pretend not to listen. The driver responds to the black and white puppy, “Good morning, your ticket please,” which went viral on social media. When the driver notices that the puppy is ignoring him, he demands his money, but the lovely animal simply ignores him.

The publication became very popular, reached more than 700 thousand reproductions and has this text to accompany it: ” He is a police dog, he has a pass, he does not pay a ticket “. Netizens were quick to leave their amusing remarks and take it all in stride. They wrote things like, “The dog: Don’t you know who I am? “; “How he looks at it like saying don’t charge me, such a nice dog, he must be clever “; and “The dog: if I don’t look at it, it doesn’t charge me, if I don’t look at it, it doesn’t charge me “.

Here we leave you the full video to brighten your day:

There were also people who left comments expressing tenderness for the furry one and even concern for the little one’s whereabouts. ” Simply gorgeous baby dog blessings,” one netizen observed, while another asked, “What a wonderful passenger, but what happened to him?” We’d all like to know if he was left in excellent hands and not roaming about.”

We don’t know what happened to the puppy, but he left us with a really amusing predicament. We hope the young one is doing well and has found a family where he may receive the love he deserves.

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