Hiker Finds Dying Dog With Bullet Wounds, Carried Him For An Hour To Find Help

Andi Davis was out walking in Phoenix, Arizona, when she discovered a half-dead 2-year-old Pit Bull on a rock. She was surprised to learn he had many gunshot wounds and was bleeding heavily.

Andi attempted to give him some water but discovered he was hardly breathing. As a result, she snatched him up and ran down the hills. She pulled the 47-pound beloved dog for an hour, hoping he’d make it.

Andi took the Pit Bull to the Arizona Humane Society for medical attention. The pet’s open abdominal wound was treated, and bullet pieces were removed from his neck and spine. Andi was close at his side, pushing him to fight and survive.

The Pit Bull was eventually able to pass thanks to Andi’s bravery! Andi gave him the name Elijah and chose to adopt him. Elijah healed quickly because his new home showered him with love and care.

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