Man Said His Dog Was “Too Old” And Walked Away From Him For Good

Many individuals welcome puppies or young dogs into their homes with love and excitement. Puppies are lovely and easygoing most of the time, despite the fact that they demand a lot of effort.

However, all pups ultimately develop into dogs, which is something that not everyone considers. As a result, many pet owners forsake their pets when things get difficult. They may be unaware of how much work a dog entails, or they may just no longer desire the burden of a dog after they’re no longer an attractive puppy.

Adult canines at shelters have a tougher time finding permanent homes than older adults. Shelter dogs that are deemed “ancient” frequently spend their final days, weeks, or years in cement cubes at a shelter or rescue, waiting for someone to adopt them.

Older dogs may experience abandonment and behavioral difficulties since the family they knew and loved their entire lives is no longer around. However, some senior canines, such as 10-year-old Victor, simply need someone to give them a chance.

Because Victor was “too old,” his owner submitted him to the South African animal rescue Sidewalk Specials.

Sidewalk Specials rescuers were more than glad to take Victor in and provide him a loving retirement home to live out his golden years.

They knew it wouldn’t be easy, but they were determined to assist Victor in finding the right family – and boy, did they!

Victor was eventually adopted by a kind mother. He not only has a loving mom, but he also has two furry siblings: a canine and a nice bunny!

Victor is clearly having the time of his life with his new family. Watch the video below:

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