Bait Dоg Savеd Frоm A Fighting Ring Carriеs His Sеcսrity Blankеt еvеrywhеrе Nоw

Pit Bull Barbie was just a puppy when he was used as a bait dog in a dogfighting ring. He was damaged both physically and psychologically when he was rescued. When his thin body was punctured and infected, he was scared.

His wound emitted a horrible stink, and he was entirely incapacitated. These dismal conditions eventually led to his death.

Bobby was rescued at the last minute from euthanasia, but his problems were far from ended. He was imprisoned in the garage for the next two months like an useless piece of rubbish. Eventually, a woman heard about his suffering and, without hesitation, adopted him. Bobby sat in the rescuer’s car, frustrated and perplexed, unknowing that his life was about to alter forever.

Bobby was moved for the first time by the new mother’s love and devotion. She allowed him to work over his shyness and fear at his own time. Months passed, and his extraordinary physical and mental recovery astounded everyone. He forms a particular attachment with the woman who rescued him, which eventually emerges as acute separation anxiety (which is understandable given his experience).

Bubby’s owner opted to train him in the crate to provide him with security and stability while she was away. Bubby discovered that blankets provide a new level of comfort during this crate workout! He crept out of his crate with a blanket every morning and swaggered about the house, sniffing and tail wagging enthusiastically!

Bubby’s blanket served as a safety net, comforting him that everything was OK. His trauma and dreams diminish, but his treasured “blank habit” remains mostly intact. Over time, he developed a similar love for pillows, toys, and pretty much everything that reminds him of home!

Bobby’s family gave him the biggest present of all when they adopted another rescued pit bull called Simon to accompany him. They expected Bobby would grow out of his blanket addiction, but that never occurred. Simon adores and admires Bobby, and it’s only a matter of time until he emulates his brother’s all-consuming love! Wow! Pitbulls are adorable!

Click on the video below to watch Bubby use his trusty blanket to learn to deal with past trauma.

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