Broken-Hearted Kucharo After His Owner Discarded Him ‘Because His Teeth Were Falling Out’

In Mansfield, Ohio, tiny Kucharo arrived at the Humane Society of Richland County on Saturday. His owner wanted to euthanize his dog “because his teeth were coming off.” Rescuers were not sure that such a dramatic step was required and chose to have the terrified eight-year-old dog evaluated by a veterinarian.

Kucharo’s mouth was found to be severely infected after a physical examination and bloodwork. Is it any wonder he was losing his teeth? He is currently receiving medications to combat the infection and will then be scheduled for advanced dental procedures.

Pets are enjoying longer lives, and dental care has become increasingly essential since it can be linked to other health conditions. Even though dogs and cats are skilled at masking discomfort, dental disease in pets may be excruciating. Advanced dental disease can frequently cause a change in dietary habits as well as behavior.

Healthy dogs have pink gums, however dogs with gingivitis have red and inflamed gums as the initial stage of dental disease. As their gums get irritated due to plaque and tartar accumulation, they begin to shrink, bulge, and finally lose bone.

Brushing your dog’s teeth to remove food, germs, and plaque before it hardens is the greatest method to avoid gum disease like Kucharo’s. Pet toothpastes employ enzymatic activity to penetrate the gums; human toothpastes include fluorides and detergents that should not be consumed.

Furthermore, dogs should undergo annual dental cleanings from a veterinary specialist, with the main distinction being that canines are placed under general anesthesia while people are not.

You can provide your dog with dental chews and/or a dosage of enzymes in their water to supplement their regular toothbrushing routine. Make sure to seek expert guidance from your veterinarian.

Kucharo is afraid, but the rescue organization’s staff has promised him “more snuggles” to calm him down. Soon, this little man who resembles a tiny red fox (he is not!) will be ready to find a loving home.

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