Couple Adopt 17-Year-Old Dog From Shelter, He Stays Alive Long Enough To Meet Human Sister

 Beth and Michael Clark are the type of animal heroes that give blankets to animal shelters over the winter to bring comfort and warmth to homeless canines.

They returned home with something special after visiting Anne Arundel County Animal Control in December 2015 to donate blankets and supplies.

The couple couldn’t leave a bereaved 17-year-old dog called Rocky in their sights.

“When I spotted this gray-faced, bony dog, I told my husband, ‘We’re going to catch him,'” Beth explained to TODAY. “I didn’t want the old man to perish in there.”

“Rocky completed our life,” Beth told TODAY.

“He loves dancing with us, he loves being with us…it was harder and harder for him to climb stairs and walks over time, so my husband would carry him up the stairs every night so he could be next to us.”

Beth was overjoyed when she discovered out she was pregnant and told TODAY that the bigger she got, the softer Loki become. In Maryland, he is a significant support system for pregnant moms.

Rocky’s condition is deteriorating.

The couple even announced their pregnancy by posting a picture of Rocky with the caption, “Mom and Dad are going to find me a man!”

Rocky’s health began to deteriorate when Beth was seven months pregnant and they were informed that their beloved old dog could have a tumor.

Rocky sniffed her and rested his head on her the day Beth and Michael brought her home, but his health was worsening and the couple realized it was time to say goodbye to their beloved dog.

Beth told TODAY, “I phoned the vet, and he and his family went to see him quietly that night.” “We adore him more than words can express, and we’re still struggling to adjust to his time.”

Loki, according to the Clarks, is adamant about visiting his new human sister.

Beth and Michael, you are true animal heroes! Thank you for making the decision to adopt Rocky and make his last years joyful and cherished.

Please share to honor this amazing couple and their lovely dog Rocky, both of whom will never be forgotten.

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