Dog hunches over in fear after being left by someone who promised him love THREE times

When a shelter puppy gets adopted, it appears that their life will have a happy ending, and that they will finally be able to receive all the affection they deserve after leaving the streets and then the restriction of the cages.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in all situations, and there are species who have been abandoned several times during their lifetimes.

Finn Alexander, a Chihuahua traumatized by human cruelty, is one of these unfortunates.

Finn’s public career began in 2014, when he was rescued from the streets and transported to a Dallas shelter (United States).

They were able to rehabilitate him in the facility, and he was soon ready to begin his quest for a loving family. It was not difficult for the furry one to capture the hearts of various applicants due to his status as a puppy and his great charm.

Finn had several families interested in making him part of their home but only one could take him home.

They followed all of the necessary procedures at the shelter to authorize the adoption, and the furry one departed to his new home, where they hoped he would be happy for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned! The reasons are unknown, however the puppy was returned to a shelter in 2019, 5 years after being adopted.

Finn was once again homeless in a confused episode, but the humans who rescued him and brought him to the shelter took it upon themselves to find him a new modest dwelling. Everything looked to be going well, and, miraculously, life provided the dog another chance to be happy.

Although Finn’s agony has not stopped, the furry experienced abandonment again.

Everything has gotten worse on the third occasion, as the puppy was just discovered inside a little box. Apparently, the creature was abandoned in a park with his things after his family abandoned him after years of caring for him.

CAMO Rescue has revealed Finn’s life story. This group chose to make the situation in order to not only find a home for the dog, but also to promote awareness.

This little friend did not deserve so much contempt.

“2021, he was abandoned in his box with all of his possessions in a park and ended up at the Denton Animal Shelter.” On April 4, they said on Facebook, “You can’t hide from ransom, and microchips don’t lie!”

The puppy appears terrified after years of being a victim of human insensitivity, till his body stance reflects his dread and distrust. Nobody knows what Finn’s prior families were thinking, but nothing excuses the harm they have done to him.

His rescuers want to find him a real home.

CAMO Rescue, Dental Animal Shelter, and Dallas Animal Shelter are now collaborating to make the furry forward and ensure that his new home is permanent.

People who want to meet Finn can do so by visiting the shelter’s website. It should be mentioned, however, that after his story, future adopters will be subjected to a rigorous screening process.

Finn deserves to find a real family, share his story and help us spread his case.

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