Her Whole Life is Sad, Living Hard And Giving Birth Under The Cold Snow


Meet Grace! This is a picture of Grace a month ago.

Locals discovered her, but they were unable to save her since she was shy and went into the deep forest to see humans.

Grace has returned with her four children. That suggests she was pregnant and gave birth in the bitter cold of winter.

Too bad for this poor girl.

The puppies were shivering from hunger and cold. They were groaning quietly. It’s unclear how they survived the December frosts.

Nothing good awaits them on the streets, not to mention dangers ranging from car wheels to drivers.

According to The Moho, Lap Land Iya rescued the mother dog and two puppies after their two brothers escaped into the deep forest. Rescue volunteers dispatched guards to take them up.

They took them to the vet, where the doctors were caring for them that day.

The four brothers were reunited the next day, and they are quite safe with their wonderful adoptive mother.


These adorable puppies are maturing. They will have a happy home to compensate for the difficult days of the past.

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