Homeless Boy Gives This Dog His Sweater To Keep Him Warm

Freelance filmmaker Mohammad Beral Imran was filming in parts of Karachi, Pakistan when he encountered an unusual sight – a stray dog ​​in a sweater. While that alone makes for a memorable photo, it makes what happens next truly memorable.

“When I tried to grab him, the boy came and yelled ‘Jaggu, Jaggu’ and the dog went crazy for him,” Imran wrote in an online poste.

 “He started playing with him which was great because I’ve never seen a stray dog ​​have so much fun with this kid who feeds him every day and he’s the one who puts the shirt on Jagu because it’s cold .”

The boy’s age or circumstances are unclear, but he is believed to be one of countless “street children” who live and work in cities across Pakistan – making his gesture to Jagu all the more remarkable.

Even though he doesn’t own even the most basic comfort items like shoes, he still finds ways to keep his four-legged friend warm.

He did it with a smile.

Since the photo surfaced on social media, many people have asked how they can help. A friend of photographer Suhaib Jamal Nasir started a GoFundMe page with proceeds “going to provide the boy and dog with proper clothing, food, shelter and medical service.”f5oz

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