Mum devastated after burying dog – only for it to return home alive days later

 Codie Hutton thought she had said goodbye to her beloved pet, only for the springer spaniel to be found a few days later, leaving the mother perplexed.

A lady who buried her dog after learning she’d been hit by a car was reunited with her pet after she was discovered alive and healthy. Codie Hutton was sad after her springer spaniel, Maisie, bolted into the night after being startled by a firecracker on Bonfire Night.

The 26-year-old spent days looking for her dog and even slept out in the field where she was last seen. Her hunt was cut short when she received the dreaded report that a flattened dog had been discovered.

She brought the puppy home and buried her in the garden, but strangely, she was reunited with her pet two days later.

Codie had unintentionally buried what was most certainly a fox, and Maisie had survived the adventure with no significant damage.

“We were positive it was her because of the tail and marks on the legs,” she explained.

“A microchip was not located, but we accepted and accepted her demise.” I informed [my son] Taylen she was now a doggie heaven star. It was a disaster.”

Maisie was brought home after being rescued by villagers and was happy to be reunited with her family.

Taylen was keen to make amends and instantly offered Maisie his Captain America onesie to keep her warm.

“I assumed she’d left. I assumed I would never see her again. “I couldn’t believe that was my Maisie,” Codie continued.

The dog was clearly tired and hungry, but she only got a minor eye infection during the 17-mile journey through Melton, Bredfield, Helmingham, and Wickham Market in Suffolk.

Codie has now launched a fundraising campaign to assist the rescuers who assisted in the search with the purchase of additional equipment.

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