Nеwbоrn Albinо Pսppy Shоws His Mоm Hе’s A Sսrvivоr.

A woman overheard odd weeping from her neighbor’s yard. She had no idea what was going on. She approached his door and knocked. The gentleman was taken aback. His dog was out doing her business in the backyard when she came across a litter of pups less than 24 hours old.

Clanay, the woman who stole the puppies, stated that she would look after them. She made around and discovered the puppies had been abandoned by a backyard breeder. His dog had given birth, and the puppies were all very ill. He couldn’t get money from them, so he abandoned them and fled.

According to Clanay, the puppies in the video below looked more like hamsters than canines. She nicknamed him Lucky when she first saw him since she was terrified he wouldn’t live. He was weaker and smaller than his siblings.

Unfortunately, after each puppy perished, Clanay came to terms with the fact that Lucky wouldn’t live long. She wasn’t giving up on him, but she did need to prepare. She was already having affections for the little guy. Despite his poor health and little stature, his spirit was unshakeable. She made the decision to bring him home from the clinic.

Clanay was shocked to learn that, despite the several barriers, Lucky was determined to eat. This convinced Clanay that Lucky wanted to live. She alternated between bottle and syringe feeding to ensure that the baby received the maximum amount of nutrition. It was also effective! Lucky was still alive after a week, then two weeks.

When Lucky first opened his eyes, Clanay and her family were overjoyed. At that time, she realized he had a good chance of surviving. Her primary objective was to get him to eight weeks old so she could rest. When Clanay discovered Lucky was blind, she encountered a number of challenges, particularly because Clanay wanted to keep him alive.

Because one of Lucky’s eyes was so damaged, the doctor suggested removing it surgically when he was older. Lucky developed and matured. He was a lot of fun to be around and really polite. Despite his eyesight, he made to live life to the fullest.

Clanay took Lucky to the doctor when he was four months old to have his sight removed. The little dog performed admirably throughout surgery and recovered rapidly. After a few days, Clanay and Lucky were allowed to return home. “Lucky is also albino,” he said when she questioned why.

Clanay and the rest of Lucky’s family were notified by his doctor that he had a rare brain illness. Clanay was taken aback, especially after knowing about the additional difficulties Lucky would experience as a result of this diagnosis. Clanay didn’t care if Lucky had a “normal” life; all she cared about was giving him the best life she could.

Clanay became his legal mother and gracefully accepted all of Lucky’s health challenges (as did Lucky!). Learn more about the wonderful dog and his lovely mother in the video below. It is well worth your time! We are grateful to Clanay for saving Lucky’s life!

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