Old Dog Left At Shelter After Owner Died – Tucks Himself In & Cries Every Night

 After his life-long owner died, a senior Chihuahua was taken in by the Humane Society of Branch County in Quincy, Michigan.

Scooter was not only missing his best friend, but he was also trapped in a terrifying and stressful environment. Scooter was unaccustomed to kennels, barking dogs, and meeting new people.

Every night before bed, his late owner would tuck him in. Although his owner has passed away, his nightly ritual has not altered. Scooter, on the other hand, was snuggling up.

He sobbed as he wrapped himself in his blue star blanket and went to sleep.

The shelter workers’ hearts broke as they watched Scooter night after night. They couldn’t take it any longer and uploaded a photo of his nightly ritual on Facebook in the hopes that someone would want to adopt this unfortunate senior dog.

Unfortunately, Scooter is not the only senior dog who has ended up in a shelter. When their owners pass away, their family members frequently abandon their pets at shelters because no one else can care for them.

The pets are already miserable from losing their owners, and they need affection to heal, yet many people neglect senior dogs.

Scooter, thankfully, was not forgotten for long. People’s hearts were touched throughout the country by the shelter’s Facebook post, and applications began to come in from people wanting to provide Scooter with a loving home outside of the terrible shelter.

Scooter was picked for adoption by Jessica Howard, a local who is no stranger to dog rescue.

She has pledged to provide Scooter a loving home to live his senior years with his new canine siblings.

Scooter has rapidly emerged from his shell and is feeling much better in his new home. He still goes to bed at the same time every night, but now he does it in the warmth of a loving household rather than a frightening shelter.

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