She Hid Against The Wall, Only Dared to Look At Everything From Afar, Wished for Once to Be Loved

Meet Moon! Her body was covered with fleas and ticks. Moon is barely two months old and has already been neglected and abused. For days, she wandered the streets in terror. She wants to be caressed and cherished, but no one is interested in assisting her. The infant roams everywhere, but the garbage and landfill are her safe havens.

She was looking for food one night when the Au Family abrigo Volunteers found her. Moon was in bad shape; all four of her feet were swelled, and she was in discomfort and cried a lot.


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They took her to their clinic so she can take the medical care she need. According to the veterinarian, she will most certainly require a blood transfusion.

After all Moon will sleep peacefully, painlessly, in a warm and clean place, but her health condition was very serious, because of anemia and deep dehydration.


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Moon has already tested negative for cino and parvovirus, which is fantastic news.

After four days at the Au Family abrigo clinic, she has remained psychologically strong, and vets believe she will survive the transfusion.

Moon has improved in about a month, but she will remain in the vet’s care for the time being. Her condition was gradually improving.

Moon became the finest dog in the Au Family abrigo shelter after all her suffering; she worked and assisted the volunteers during adoption fairs, and one day a couple noticed her and wanted to adopt her.

” Every adoption fair she comes to help us care for the animals that are up for adoption. Today she came with a single purpose: ADOPT THE MOON. Moon has a family now!” Au Family Abrigo posted on Instagram

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