Starved Homeless Dog Wanders The Streets, Becomes A “Bag Of Bones” With No Home

 A critically emaciated Weimaraner was spotted walking alone in Anderson Township, near Cincinnati.

A Good Samaritan noticed the skeleton critter and quickly took it to the Cincinnati Animal CARE shelter. The workers were startled by the depth of the dog’s malnourishment. He was given the moniker Hemingway and was linked up to fluids to keep him alive.

For the first several days, Hemingway could not move and had to be carried around. When the unfortunate infant attempted to stand, his muscles had degenerated, causing him to wobble and fall. He was constantly chilly and spent the day wrapped under his cozy blanket. After consulting with his veterinarian, his carers put him on a special diet as part of a planned weight growth program. He was then put in a medical foster home.

Over the next two weeks, Hemingway began to show indications of recovery. For the first time, he was able to walk on his own. He gradually began connecting with his foster parents and pet siblings. As his emaciation subsided, his energy levels increased, and he enthusiastically embraced his funny, fun-loving nature! Hemingway has gained 18 pounds in four weeks, which is an unquestionable triumph!

His caretakers are finally optimistic about his recovery. With this good news, the shelter expects Hemingway to be available for adoption very soon! Unfortunately, nothing is known about Hemingway’s childhood or how he got so emaciated. He lacks a microchip and has most likely been abandoned for months.

The shelter, on the other hand, is cautious to make any conclusions because this may be a case of a lost or trapped dog. Hemingway was adopted into his new permanent home after meeting a family who had recently lost their own Weimaraner on Thanksgiving Day. He may now anticipate a lifetime of love and care! Yay!

Click the video below to watch Hemingway’s stunning progress after thriving in foster care for a month

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