This Coffee Shop Lets Stray Dogs Sleep Inside Every Night When The Customers Leave

While it may not be feasible to welcome every stray pet in need into your house, an open heart may be just as hospitable.

A snapshot of a group of stray canines snoozing contentedly on a bench of cushions has been making the rounds on social media as a consequence of one business’s gesture of goodwill. The photo was purportedly taken at a café in Greece, whose management sees fit to provide shelter to stray dogs after the café closes each evening.

After diners depart, the café Hot Spot in Mytilene, Lesbos, opens its doors to local stray dogs so they may “nap without being chilly,” according to the Greek blog Zoosos.

Such spontaneous acts of kindness toward animals are widespread in Greece, which has a significant population of stray dogs. Despite the fact that they have no permanent home or family, these animals are frequently collared and cared for by the community as an alternative to being placed in overcrowded shelters.

“Our homes here in Greece are not large enough for all of us to shelter animals,” one Athens homeowner told LifeWithDogs.tv. “That is why we care about the street dogs. We feed them, pet them, and entertain them. They are similar to our own pets, yet they belong to everyone.”

Visit Greek Animal Rescue’s website to learn more about Greece’s stray pet population and how you can assist.

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