Dog Tied Up With Only A Broken Box For Shelter Is So Happy Someone Stopped To Help

Maggie lived alone in a dusty yard for years. Her lone abode was a rusty wooden box. She was bitten by fleas and couldn’t run or play since she was tethered to a small rope.

Maggie remained upbeat throughout everything. In fact, when rescuers discovered her, they were taken aback by how trusting she was.

“It was clear she loved humans,” Worthy Dog Rescue stated on Facebook. “She delighted in even the smallest amount of human attention.”

The amiable senior was brought to the shelter, where she began to decompress from her stressful living environment and got basic skin treatment.

Maggie was definitely a happy person on the inside. She began to seem happier on the exterior as she regained her vigor.

Maggie’s rescuers were concerned that she would take a long time to find a permanent home because she was a senior who needed to be the only dog in her household.

They did all possible to ensure Maggie’s success. Maggie began to comprehend what it was like to be cared for in the weeks that followed. She worked hard, hoping that her new abilities might entice someone to take a risk on her.

“She had some great foster homes along the road who helped her acclimatize to home life, worked on her leash skills and getting her more comfortable around other dogs, and taught her how to be a member of a family,” writes Worthy Dog Rescue. “We… realized that because she was a senior Bully-mix who had endured a difficult past, her adoption would take time.”

Maggie’s bio was eventually discovered on the shelter’s website by a woman. Though the lady had previously filed to foster another dog, she felt they were meant to be the moment she spotted Maggie.

“[It] was a life-changing moment for Maggie,” according to the rescue. “[Her new mom] provided a home for an only dog and had a flexible schedule to give her the time and care she need.”

The dog, who previously had no one to play with, now enjoys frequent walks and fetch activities. Maggie was originally afraid of other dogs, but she has now grown confidence and can hold her calm. She enjoys cuddling on her family’s laps and begs for rubs.

“I didn’t believe I could love another dog after putting down my Lab at nearly 13 years old,” Maggie’s new mom explained to Worthy Dog Rescue. “However, we are completely smitten with this girl and cannot fathom our life without her.”

Maggie’s new family has already been such a good influence in her life, and she has been there for them as well, showering them with love and support.

“She’s had a great influence on the little kid in her new home,” a Worthy Dog Rescue worker told The Dodo. “It’s very amazing.”

Maggie, who used to sleep on broken, filthy pieces of wood, now spends her days dozing on a plush couch, knowing that her new family would always be there to provide her safety and comfort.

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