Hungry puppies line up in the snow waiting for their mother to beg for food

According to Animal Shelter Help Mongrel Kazan got to know the puppies and their mother through their neighbor, who said the puppies needed help.

The rescue team arrived quickly to take them away. Their previous lives had been tough, so they were extremely unfamiliar with a new, better life. They went there to negotiate to take them in. The owner had no idea how many puppies they had.

“Seeing her in her eyes crushed my heart. I needed to get her out of there as soon as possible. I can see that the mother dog had no milk left, but due to the diet and the amount of puppies, we supplied the artificial milk to the puppies. In addition, we prepared a special dinner for the mother dog.” The volunteer said

Two babies were adopted soon after, and the mother dog was nursed again after 5 days.

“I brought the mother dog outdoors to play and she enjoyed it so much she went about and it was so much nicer and so much fun playing with the big dogs it was like life was beginning a new chapter.”

After a while the mother dog was adopted with the other puppies. After all the hardships, a beautiful ending. Love performed a miracle that transformed their lives.

“I worked with them to create miracles through love, and as a result, they all found their own home.”

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