Neglected Dog For Years At Shelter Shows Amazing Transformation When She Feels Love

The Poor Dog Ended Up In A Kill Shelter, Alone Starved And Afraid. She Likely Would Have Been Euthanized Quickly Due To Her Poor Condition.

Violet ended up alone and terrified at a kill shelter. She was severely thin and terrified. Because of her severe health, she would have most probably been terminated immediately.

Whitney, an I Stand With My Pack volunteer, was alerted to the Shar-plight Pei’s and rushed to rescue her.

Violet went immediately to the veterinarian’s office after being freed from the shelter. The volunteers were terrified when they learned how much she weighed. Violet’s body was fully nude. According to the calculations, a Shar-Pei should weigh between 40 and 60 pounds. Violet was only twenty years old at the time. Their hearts ached for the helpless pet. What type of person would do such a thing to a helpless creature?

Violet was anxious, and Whitney sought to calm her down by patting her. She was mindful of each and every vertebra in her spine. Violet’s look verified Whitney’s beliefs as she knelt. Violet had no notion what love was. This was a turning point in the cute girl’s life. Her life was about to take a turn for the worse!

Violet began to discover what it meant to have regular meals and a caring mother once she moved into her foster home with Whitney. Violet learns how to play with toys and even has her own bed. Whitney was pleased the first time she stepped across it.

Violet gained on weight over the course of a few weeks. She, too, received new knowledge. Learn to play with your dog’s friends and everything you need to know about happy doggie zoomies! She began to pursue new interests. Everyone was pleased to see her develop into a happy, healthy puppy!

Violet’s makeover is like something out of a fairy tale. To find out what happens next, watch the video below. We promise it’ll be chock-full of happy moments and adorable doggie grins. Rescue organizations and The Dodo are to be commended for sharing stories like this one.

Violet is yet another shelter dog who would make an excellent pet. Always remember to give to local animal rescue organizations and shelters. They require our help!

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