Pit Bull From Kill-Shelter Senses Boy Is Sick & Goes Straight For Him

Every dog is unique. We are incredibly blessed to have them in our life. However, every now and again, a dog occurs whose inherent senses transcend those of the regular dog. This is the story of Aladdin, a pretty exceptional dog. Aladdin is a Pit Bull who has had a rough upbringing. He had been horribly neglected. He had been starving when he was placed in a kill shelter. He was missing 12 teeth and had serious orthopedic difficulties.

The lovely Pit Bull is unable to flex his hind legs. To compensate for his issues, he sits, lays, and walks in an odd manner. Thankfully, his future mother, Michele, stumbled found him in the kill shelter and fell in love with him right immediately! In the video below, she reveals that despite everything he’d gone through and his evident misery, he wagged his tail the moment they met!

Aladdin became a licensed therapy dog within a year of his adoption. This was due to Aladdin’s unique capacity to connect with people. He is really fond of children. Even if the room is filled with people, Aladdin will find a way to the one who needs his aid the most. No one knows for sure, but he appears to be able to perceive their emotional suffering. Perhaps it’s due of his past. Perhaps it’s because his deformed legs are still causing him agony.

After the Orlando nightclub shootings, Aladdin was on the scene. He forced his way through the mob and approached a man. Nobody knew who was inside the club or standing around for support since the throng was so enormous. Aladdin, on the other hand, did! He ran over to a man who said, “This dog looked at me and knew I needed him.” He was discovered to be inside the club, and Aladdin sensed the need for this lovely man to feel protected. It was a poignant moment.

This remarkable dog not only heals people, but he also calms dogs that have been tortured or traumatized. Despite everything Aladdin does for dogs and people, he still has to fight with the stigma of the dog breed. His mother has direct knowledge with how tough it can be. Children will flock to pet Aladdin, but as soon as some parents question about his breed and realize that he is a Pit Bull, they will pull their children away from him. Michele, Aladdin’s mother, is trying hard to rectify that! She likes dressing him up to make him more approachable, even if she has to do so!

Aladdin has also received honors. The American Humane Association named him “Therapy Dog of the Year.” For Aladdin, this was a watershed moment. A gentleman in the audience at the award banquet approached Michele and offered to operate on Aladdin for free. The vet was positive that he could reduce the bulk of his orthopedic suffering. Isn’t that incredible?!

The story of Aladdin continues, and we guarantee it will only get better. We’re blown away by this dog and his incredible ability to connect with people and other dogs in need. Don’t let yourself down by not viewing the video below. It’s really inspiring. We hope Pit Bulls like Aladdin get the appreciation they deserve.

Every dog is special and should never be assessed as a whole by breed stereotypes! If you support dogs like Aladdin, and adore Pit Bulls too, make sure you watch the video and then share his wonderful story!

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