The Homeless Owner Could Not Afford To Treat Him, He Laid There Crying For Days

Duke lives with his homeless owner on the street, who is not well qualified to care for Duke. He was laying there for days whining. His owners couldn’t afford the fee for this dog’s treatment. His ear was full of pus and needed surgery. He is roughly 4 years old and frightened of needles.

Animal Shelter rescue crew found him laying under a bench, and shortly after that, they took him to the hospital to treat and care for him. The surgery for it was quite hard.

Duke spent the first night of his life comfortable and safe. He even smiled as if to imply he was no longer in pain.

Every day he was attentively attended to by all medical professionals. Ducke’s wound was healing, the tubes had been withdrawn. The process was slow, but nothing to worry about.

After he recovered a foster decided to took him. He was used to the wandering life and the atmosphere of the outdoors. It would take some time for him to get adjusted to a new life. A new life where he will live in the same house with his beloved foster.

For the first few days he just lay there and watched. He smiled sometimes when he saw something hilarious and then he could catch up on family life with friends.

His old owner was quite glad for him when he finally received a new and happier life.

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