The puppies rushed to me when they had almost given up hope on the snowy road

According to Animal Shelter, a school girl phoned them about two puppies. She noticed them sprinting down the very perilous road.

A rescue squad headed there and when they Heared their cry, they enthusiastically raced over. Next to the road, the road was treacherous and unlit at night, and how can they bear the hunger and the cold?

“I searched around and couldn’t find any more puppies. I took them all to the vet for a check up, thereafter.”

They were happy and nervous at the same time. They were about 2.5 months old but very thin. But all were very docile and cooperative.

How can anybody abandon puppies like this, do they believe they will survive the winter? How do these puppies acquire their food there?

They would have to stay to cure the worms . And they had to stay there for a week. At this age kids need to develop and learn how to behave.

“Every day I spend time playing with them. They were all so thrilled stepping out like that and I didn’t forget to bring them toys, things they’ve probably never seen.”

The doctor indicated they had inflammatory bowel disease. It is a serious disease, especially for puppies. There were so many puppies who didn’t make it.

They were promptly treated at the time. The problems all around took doctor’s breath away. The disease made the puppies exceedingly fatigued. They didn’t even want to eat. But they didn’t give up and constantly tried their best.

They all withstood the storm, the storm of life. They are recuperating and becoming stronger every day. They started gaining weight with appropriate care

“Next they had to find a new house. Finding decent owners wasn’t simple for them. It’s hard to understand what type of person someone is.”

But faith and love to animals is the bridge, they lead us to each other by a miracle.

They were adopted in turn for our joy. They deserve the best for them. After the storm the sun rose to beam on them. They are ready for a new chapter in their Life.

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