After Losing His Beloved Dog Michael J. Fox Introduces New Best Friend’ To The World

“No matter the scenario or your attitude, your dog is always with you and tied to how you feel .” Michael J. Fox has always known this well, but much more since the iconic actor of Back to the future he fell ill with Parkinson’s disease.

Frequently in interviews, emphasis has been focused on the value that animals, especially dogs, have in mentally supporting persons with debilitating conditions precisely because of their capacity to lessen the sensation of isolation that results from chronic diseases.

He spoke about it in 2020 when he highlighted how his dog Gus makes a difference at the most dramatic occasions of his life. And talk about it today since in the home arrived a new entrance called Blue .


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He discloses it himself on his Instagram account by sharing a selfie hugging his new buddy to greet him and introduce him to his numerous admirers.

“ Hello Blue, welcome to your new home! stated the actor receiving numerous responses from renowned friends who thanked Fox for the sensitivity of the new member of the family .


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And many have also noticed out how much Blue resembles Einstein, the time-traveling dog with Doc Brown in “Back to the Future.”

After spending a year grieving from the death of Gus, who died in 2021 at the age of 12 much to the actor’s grief, Fox felt it was time to open up his home to another animal .

Gus, in fact, had been a key life companion for him, especially after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the 90s. The dog had been a source of love and support during the various struggles for his health.

“Your tendency when you have a chronic condition is to isolate yourself – he told CBS News – and make your world as tiny as possible so that you have nothing but the sickness to handle, but a dog will reopen you to the world ”.


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Plus, Gus had been through some bad times with the actor before: In 2018, Fox underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his spine and while he was in a wheelchair, he said that ” the dog never left me he walked around me, then one day he sat in front of me, looked at me and told me that everything would be fine”.

A profound pain his loss which, as we know fully well, he cannot be replaced by a new animal since no one will be able to take his place.

The grief that one needs to go through when an animal is absent, or a love so deep, is important to deal with the pain of no longer being able to hold it in one’s arms and no one can explain how and when to do it. Everyone takes their time and the “journey” must be honored by people who encounter the person who has lost a life partner.

But Blue will undoubtedly soothe the pain, because although being different from Gus no animal is identical to another, but it will not be different the boundless love that he will know how to provide to the actor.

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