Detroit Dog Rescue Plans To Play “Golden Girls” Theme Song Every Time A Dog Is Adopted As A Tribute To Betty White

The first no-kill dog shelter in Detroit is in the midst of building a new shelter and aims to remember the late Betty White in more than one manner.

Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR) commended their kind fans for participating in the #BettyWhiteChallenge and helped them raise over $10,000 on the animal advocate’s 100th birthday.

The shelter stated, “As promised we will be naming, not only our adoption room, but our whole adoption corridor after the famous Betty White! Our new Detroit Dog Rescue (coming this spring) will be home to a corridor lovingly called, Betty White Adoption Avenue!”

But that’s not all.

Every time a dog is adopted from the shelter the “Golden Girls” theme song will play quietly as the dog exits the building.

“When you hear the ‘Golden Girls’ theme, you know that a dog is leaving Detroit Dog Rescue,” Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of DDR, told FOX2. “It’s similar to when you’re in a hospital and you hear a lullaby, someone has just had a baby – when you hear the ‘Golden Girls’ theme, you know that a dog is leaving Detroit Dog Rescue.” “Thank them for being a friend and wish them well.”

The lovely homage has brought tears to the eyes of many admirers. One user said, “Just thinking about the music playing as a dog goes for its new home brings tears to my eyes!!”

Another added, “That is a terrific concept and a great way to pay honor to someone who even in her death, left a significant effect on America.”

The shelter thanked everyone for their gifts and closed the post by writing, “We’re pleased to permanently commemorate Betty White, the animal world’s golden girl!”

Over the past 10 years, DDR has been rescuing stray dogs that others perceive as “unadoptable”. The dogs are given a second chance owing to the kind staff who take the time to teach and rehabilitate the dogs before putting them up for adoption.

Visit their website to see all the dogs for adoption and how you can help homeless dogs in Detroit.

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