Devastate Shelter Dog Called ‘Ugly’ by Potential Adopters Finds Home Where She Is ‘Cherished’

“This FAMOUS sweet girl that no one wanted, and then everyone wanted, found her PERFECT FOREVER HOME!!”

The pup, known as Dutchess, transferred into Orange County Animal Services in Orlando during the 2022 Christmas season because of a landlord dispute, according to local television station Fox 35 Orlando.

Unfortunately, she had trouble finding a family when she arrived owing to facial malformations under her eyes – little lumps on the bottom of her eyelids.

“It doesn’t impact her in any way except one: people cannot seem to get past it,” the shelter stated on Facebook. “The unfortunate aspect is that Dutchess really likes everyone. She rushes up to the kennel doors every day, thrilled for the new day, persistently hopeful.”

Orange County Animal Services said in the post that not only did potential adopters go past the dog’s cage without glancing at Dutchess, but several made rude comments about the pet’s looks.

“She looks so horrible. What is that? What’s wrong with her? Is she blind? How much is this gonna cost me? She’ll never get adopted,” were some of the remarks the shelter heard, according to its Facebook post.

Because to this social media post from the institution, Dutchess discovered a way out of the shelter. Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. took the pet in and placed her in a foster home. Rescue Dogs Dream Inc. offered an update on the dog on Facebook immediately after she arrived, claiming she had scarfed down a McDonald’s cheeseburger and was “making herself right at home.”

The rescue said that Dutchess will receive surgery to remove the growths behind her eyes after a veterinary surgeon “found” the growths to be “uncomfortable for her.”

On Dec. 27, the rescue provided an update, reporting that the surgery to remove the growths behind Dutchess’ eyes — subsequently determined to be dermoids, unusual skin lesions that dogs can be born with — was successful.

Orange County Animal Services original post about Dutchess and her difficulties picked up thousands of interactions on social media and led to an outpouring of adoption applications.

Once Dutchess’ recovered from surgery, she joined her new family and was christened Lena. The puppy’s new pet guardians told Fox 35 Orlando that she “is the loveliest dog they have ever met.”

“She now has a new Mum and Dad to pamper her rotten (Dad works from home), and she has a new sibling to play with, in her private gated yard,” Rescue Dogs Dream LLC informed the site. “She gets to go on treks and excursions, and she is a valued part of the family.”

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