Discarded After Bait Ritual And Target Practice, Sweet Boy Hid From His Monsters And Finally Feels Safe

LaChrystal Ricke, founder and director of Reggie’s Friends, says that she noticed a distressing photo of a canine resting on a soiled sofa. Quickly, she went there to pick him up.

A social media user stated that they were heading to the gas station and observed this underweight dog. I wanted to take him in since that was not a safe place to stay.

Rickie was on the way to the petrol station at daybreak. She was watching out for the surrounding scenario as it was dark and risky when she arrived.

Rickie appealed on Facebook for help: “Put up on the thread. Hey guys, can you come out here? I can’t find him. I’m going to leave him be for the night since I’m confident he found his safe spot”

The following morning, two volunteers went back with Rickie to check for him. “They started knocking on doors, asking people whether they’ve seen him”

Rickie said. “But nobody’s seen him. And suddenly a small female dog – Tessa -popped up and brought them back to the garbage where they found the sad dog”

They named him Aniken. Rickie almost came out in tears when they spotted Aniken. They hastened to take Aniken and Tessa to the vet. At first impression, Aniken was in a terrible state.

Rickie said. “My spouse and I rushed directly to the veterinary hospital. After we arrived at BluePearl Emergency Pet Hospital, they found even more difficulties with Aniken”.

He was covered in parasites, it’s much worse when they found out he was a bait dog which is used for hunting target practice. His teeth were taken out so he couldn’t bite back.

All of these wounds that were infected because someone has sewed them up by hand.

When you saw all of the scars on his face, there was no response for what he had been suffering through. He was a bait dog, which is ‘ho.rri.fying’.

He having to stay at the hospital for treatment, one of the nurses provided him comfort by providing him cuddly animals for company.

Nothing would be fair or simple for Aniken. No bone can say for sure what tykes remember or what they put behind them for good.

Nevertheless, days as a bait dog were gone for Aniken. Days of being tormented and tortured was over. A lengthy journey ahead is waiting for him!

Thank you to Aniken’s saviors and foster family. He’s eternally safe. And adored.

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