Elderly Rescue Dog Does Everything On His Bucket List, And He’s More Alive Than Ever

Morgan is a senior dachshund who is now the ripe old age of 18. After Morgan’s human passed away, he landed up at the Lee County Domestic Animal Services (LCDAS) in Fort Myers, Florida.

When officials at the shelter discovered how old Morgan was, they decided they needed to move him out of the shelter to somewhere he could live out the rest of his days in peace. The shelter decided to call out to Senior Paws Sanctuary (SPS) to see if it might aid the elderly tiny dog.

“LCDAS phoned SPS to notify us that an elderly, unadoptable dog had arrived and wanted to know whether we could help him,” Kate Reidy, Morgan’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “The creator and organizer of SPS went to see Morgan and fell in love.”

All of the dogs with SPS are transferred to live with foster homes, and so Morgan went to live with Reidy and her 10-year-old dog, Charlie. Reidy anticipated that because he was already 18, Morgan would be a slower, sleepier sort of dog – but that turned out not to be the case at all.

“I joke and say Morgan has Benjamin Button illness,” Reidy added. “He has gotten more energetic, livelier and his personality has blossomed throughout the last year of fostering him. Most folks don’t believe his age!”

Morgan instantly began to thrive in his foster family, loving everything about his new existence. His new mom gave him his own steps to assist him get into the sofa and bed, and he loves to go about his house exploring.

“He loves attention,” Reidy added. “He loves to snuggle as close as he can to you and every so often he will get up and smell your face just to make sure he knows who he is sitting with! It’s very nice.”

No one can be sure exactly what Morgan’s first 18 years of existence were like, or exactly what he got to do or see. As his foster home seemed to make him livelier and more motivated to see the world, his foster mom decided to build him a bucket list.

So far, Morgan has gotten to fly on a plane …

… meet a sergeant and become a junior deputy …

… attend a baseball game …

… meet Santa …

… sat on a motorcycle …

… and even partake in beach yoga.

Morgan may be a super senior, but his age hasn’t prevented him from completing anything on his bucket list, and he really loves every adventure his mom takes him on.

“He loves to examine new smells and new people, so all of his excursions have been a means for him to explore new locations and new smells,” Reidy said. “He loves the attention and affection he receives from meeting new people.”

Morgan still has several tasks on his bucket list that he’d love to have done, including riding in a hot air balloon, having a doggy spa day and even meeting Ellen DeGeneres. Morgan will be turning 19 shortly, and his biggest birthday dream is to get birthday cards from all across the world. (His foster mom would also love if some of these cards contained a dollar that he can contribute to his buddies at SPS.)

Most 18-year-old dogs would probably simply want to spend the rest of their days napping, but Morgan still has so much to see, and he and his mom won’t stop until his very last day.

If you’d like to send Morgan a birthday card, you can mail it to 1413 Caywood Circle South, Lehigh, FL, 33936.

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