Grieving Dog Falls Into Depression Until His Mom Introduces Him To His New Brother

After his sister Mavis passed away, Wyatt grieved for her so deeply that he fled and hid in the closet.

His mom knew he was a sensitive dog and his sister had been his best friend. Thus, on the day she died away, he began to withdraw owing to his anguish.


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His mom knew he adored other dogs, so she thought, “he needs another friend.” So, to console him, a week later she took him three hours to a shelter in the Mojave Desert in California to see if she could locate him a dog buddy.


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Arriving there, they encountered a pleasant little dog named Lenny. Lenny was a happy and friendly dog who soon took a liking to Wyatt. Wyatt was happy to meet Lenny so the two went home together to start their new lives together.

Lenny adored being out of the shelter and having a new brother to play with. The two soon bonded and Wyatt even shared his toys with his new little bro. Finally, he was happy again, and soon the two of them were running all over the home together.

Mavis and Wyatt used to go trekking with their mom Linda and she wanted to continue the tradition with Lenny. Therefore, she gave Lenny Mavis’ pink harness, which, as if were meant to be, fit the tiny fellow perfectly.

With Lenny wearing Marvis’ harness, it seemed as though Wyatt and Linda still had a piece of her with them on their stroll. Now, the two boys and their mom enjoy their walks together and Lenny looks up to his new big brother and the two have plenty of fun.

Undoubtedly, the two dogs share a particular friendship. And, although Mavis will never be forgotten, Wyatt and his mom are happy to have a new wonderful friend to share their lives with. It’s as if Lenny was always meant to be there to assist pick up the pieces of Wyatt’s broken heart.

Today both dogs are living their finest life together with their beautiful mom. Lenny was the perfect match into their home and the best friend that Wyatt could possibly need. They had countless experiences together with no end in sight.

We hope you appreciated their wonderful story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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