He Grew Up Fearing Humans, But Now He’s Loves All Around The World

A rescue dog with a rare syndrome is taking the internet by storm with his large heart and uplifting narrative.

At first sight, it may appear Quasimodo is withdrawing away from the world. Yet in fact, he’s quite caring and extroverted.

Quasimodo has short spine syndrome, which is a significant shortening of the spine owing to compression of vertebrae.

Quasimodo, a German shepherd with short spine syndrome, is becoming an internet phenomenon with his heartwarming narrative.

The German shepherd was a stray that entered a shelter in Kentucky, but then was taken in by Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, according to ABC News.

Secondhand Hounds, a non-profit animal rescue, claimed Quasimodo came in their care on Thursday and he went to the veterinarian clinic on Friday.

Short spine syndrome is so unusual, Secondhand Hounds reported Quasimodo is only one of 13 dogs known to have it in the world.

When Quasimodo begins his new journey, his carers are recording his journey on the “Quasi The Great” Facebook page.

Since its birth, Quasimodo has won over the hearts of countless, so much in fact that Secondhand Hounds was swamped with requests to adopt him.

The rescue group said the objective is to get Quasimodo perfectly healthy and then revisit adoption.

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