Little dog who lost his best friend cuddles up with a toy that looks just like him

In 2016, an unshakable bond was forged between two unusual companions: Tiny Tim the Chihuahua and Huge Ben the Great Pyrenees . As soon as they met, it appeared like fate had brought them together; their connection was so special that nothing could stand in their way. Since then, Tim has become a much-loved part of Ben’s family, illustrating that friendship knows no borders!

Jenny Leech, the mother of Tim and Ben, told The Dodo “Many times a day, I would stroll out into the living room and discover Tim fast sleeping on top of Ben.”

While Tiny Tim and Big Ben were physically opposites, as one was big and the other was short, their friendship surpassed any difference in height. During six blissful years, the best friends enjoyed one other’s company day after day, a bond that even time could not destroy.


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Jenny remembers that in the early years, when Ben was a bit more nimble, he would lie on the couch and Tim would lie right on top of him.

Even when they weren’t snuggled up on the couch having a nap, this beautiful couple was inseparable. They did everything together, like swimming, and asking for food from the family at the dinner table.

Jenny liked watching Tim and Ben interact with each other, and she thought that their friendship might provide delight to others. That is why she built profiles for children on social networks, to be able to share their life experiences with the world. Soon long, they had tens of thousands of admirers who were enthralled by their bond.

When Tim joined the family, Ben was 7 years old. Little by bit, this kind-hearted behemoth began to encounter mobility issues. While he offered space to his brother when it looked that something was awry, Tim always kept close to him.

Jenny remarked “I suppose Tim felt some shift in him. Instead of his normal climbing on Ben shenanigans, Tim was gentler and was pleased to nap or sit close to him.”

During the night of December 24, 2022, a stroke cruelly hit Ben. The next morning his condition worsened and he went away at the age of 13 1/2, with those who revered him by his side, we may take peace in the knowing that Ben crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by his loved ones.

When Jenny revealed the heartbreaking news of Ben’s death on her and Tim’s social media, a wave of anguish rushed over her followers. Beth, an Ohioan who followed Jenny online, was deeply saddened by this tragedy. To demonstrate her support for Tim through her sadness, she gave him a beautiful gift.

Jenny said “She sent him this gigantic stuffed dog. And from the minute she put him on the couch, Tim claimed him.”

To her shock, shortly after placing the stuffed animal on the sofa, Tim leapt on its back like he used to do with Ben. He cuddled into the comfort of it and fell asleep. The woman herself opted not to relocate him from the seat and she soon began to observe an all too familiar scenario every day.


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Jenny recalls walking into the living room and Tim was on top of Ben on the couch. She was touched as she watched as Tim clutched the stuffed dog as if it were Ben himself. She felt a sense of regret for her buddy gone from her, but she recognized that this item was assisting her in her mourning process.

Despite the cute sight of Tim cuddling up with his stuffed dog, Jenny can tell that he’s doing fantastic, even better than she imagined. She manages extremely well and doesn’t seem to have any troubles.

Tim’s stuffed dog sits on the sofa, and every time Jenny watches him lie gently on his back, it hits her that she may be dreaming of those lovely days spent with Ben. While they are no longer physically together, their bond will stay unbroken for all eternity.


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