Puppy Keeps Getting Returned To The Shelter So Determined Man Takes Him In To Figure Out Why

When a beautiful pup kept getting returned by adopters, one man set out to discover why. His intentions were to help prepare the dog for adoption, but those intentions changed after he brought the dog home.

Sister and brother dogs called Abe and Abbi were moved to New York from Puerto Rico to have a better chance to find a forever home.

Abbi was promptly adopted, which left Abe all alone in the shelter. The staff at the shelter expected that the dog would be adopted fairly quickly. And that’s what occurred when a co-worker of a senior editor at The Dodo decided to adopt the dog according to the senior editor, John Handem Piette.

They were really thrilled that Abe was adopted, but did not take long as Abe was surrendered to the shelter again! Abe is extremely sociable and liked as all the other dogs at the shelter were quite delighted when he returned returning to the shelter. This left the staff in wonder to know what was the issue, that kept Abe from getting adopted. After 2 weeks, Abe was also adopted, but he was then returned for the second time in less than a month!

That’s when John and his girlfriend decided to adopt Abe, and renamed him to Bean, to give him a new start. The couple decided to do whatever it takes to let Bean stay with them. John said that the dog was returned twice to the shelter as he caused an endless devastation!

After the dog got at John’s home, he started yanking on the leash, chasing birds, tearing a shoe and his dog bed! However, the couple decided to be very patient to see if they could change Bean’s behavior.

When the Coronavirus struck, the couple decided to relocate Bean to John’s parents’ house, and that was the turning moment as he was allowed to swim in the family’s pool, and to witness snow for the very first time. Possessing 2 cats, Simba and Tigger, played a good role in managing Bean’s energy as he started playing with Tigger and racing around everywhere.

Simba did not accept Bean so much, but everyone else did. The arrival of Bean at John’s parents’ house was a win-win for everyone. He started settling eventually in a lifelong home. Thus, the couple decided to adopt the dog permanently. What a nice conclusion! Watch the video below.

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