Puppy who had been waiting for a home for 500 days jumps with excitement when he meets his new owner

When a dog spends a lot of time at a shelter, it is extremely possible that the management will finally decide to end its life . However not all those concerned will agree with this conclusion.

The openness in the acts of these institutions, and the lack of consistency in the finances, make it necessary to convey this sort of tale .

Alexander is the name of the dog who was rescued together with 50 other animals in an operation carried out by these specialists . While they were all evacuated from the horrible settings in which they resided and brought to their shelter to cure and care for them, keeping them is not an easy chore.


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Of all those rescued, Alexander stood out for his extraordinary gentleness and relentless yearning for love. Nevertheless, no one who visited the shelter appeared to recognize it, thus time began to pass and the sad canine was forgotten for a long time.

“Seeing the wonderful Alexander sit and wait for that period of time through no fault of his own has been incredibly (tough) for all of us here at Wags,” said Chloe Esperiquette, Wags and Walks development manager .

15 months later, Alexander’s fate changed, as a young couple noticed him and quickly fell in love with him, so they chose to open the doors of their home to welcome him . There is always optimism in the midst of dreary skies.

“We are so thrilled to tell that because to this community and their support, after 477 days patiently waiting for a home, our little child walked out for an adoption trial with a wonderful family! Alexander is on his path to a happily ever after ,” they stated from the foundation.


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A post shared by Wags and Walks Rescue (@wagsandwalks)

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