Sad Stray Pup can’t Hold Emotions During Reunion with his Lost Mom

When the rescue got a call about a stray puppy that needed saving from a war-torn area, not even the dark of night stopped them away.

The Love Furry Buddies rescue in Ukraine got a call about a little white puppy that was wandering amid the wreckage of what was once a neighborhood. Thus, they hurriedly went to find the dog, even though it was now dark outside.

With flashlights in hand, they looked for the puppy. Shortly, they discovered the fearful little dog and were able to capture her and transport her to safety so they could take her to the clinic.

It turns out the dog had lived alongside a busy road for a long time. Despite all the passing automobiles, she was entirely alone until they arrived for her. She didn’t trust anybody and was frightened to go to anyone, which made her rescue much more difficult.

But despite all that, she was now on her way to a new life. They called her Lucy and even took her shopping at the pet store. They washed her and gave her plenty of love and care. Now that she was eating regular meals and getting the care that she needed, she began to come out of her shell.

Later they found out that Lucy’s mom was also in the location that Lucy was rescued from. The rescue was provided a picture of the two of them together. So, they headed out there again to see if they could find Lucy’s mom.

They promptly spotted the dog and took her with them. They were so happy at the notion of reuniting the puppy with her mother. But first, mom needed to attend the vet, where she was treated for heartworms and other health concerns.

As mom was feeling better, the happy moment finally came. Mom and Lucy meet one other again and the sight will melt your heart. Lucy is filled with delight at seeing her mom again and can’t stop smiling.

Her mom is worried about her predicament but begins to eat again with her puppy at her side. It’s as though she’s finally recognizing that she’s going to be okay-things are actually looking better after all the adorable pets went through.

The two dogs are very lovely and happy now. They are more than lovely snuggling up together. It’s tough not to grin at the manner their lives were spared. We hope they can go to their new home together. Please share their beautiful reunion with your friends.

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