She Was Thrown Alone In The Field, Suffering From The Biggest Tumor. She Had A Sad & Hard Life But She Wasn’t Alone

According to Howlofpet, they found her alone in a field. She was picked up as a stray, but maybe some one left her alone on there. She’s a small elderly lady who’s got a sad and difficult life and she needs to know love.

She was quite cranky and needs a foster. Pain will undoubtedly prompt that response and all the other tragedy in her existence.

Not surprising she is cranky hauling that dreadful load about, and then being thrown in a field, very sad for this tiny girl poor precious.

“We have her scheduled to come in to Smart Approach Veterinary Care 3 days later.”

After four days, she underwent a successful surgery to repair a very complex double hernia.

She’s doing fantastic, so far so good, taking her medications and eating.

They called her Sassy and one week out of her double inguinal hernia repair surgery and she’s doing so fantastic. She’s on the mend, they are making friends and she’s realizing that they not going to hurt her.

Slowly, one day at a time she’s making improvement both mentally and physically, she’s become such a happy girl from the formerly sad, shut down and cranky biter she used to be!

3 months later, can you identify tiny Sassy now! She’s perfectly healthy and happy now. Sassy living in full of attention and affection. She’s extremely happy now.

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