Shelter dog with ‘no hope left’ finds someone to give her ‘second chance’

Animal shelters, rescue groups, rescuers, fosters, and fellow adoptees always recommend one thing when it comes to choosing your furbaby… Always adopt.

Dogs at the shelter are yearning for their forever families and homes. There are some dogs who are adopted fast and then there are some dogs who wait days, weeks, or months before they get adopted.


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Unfortunately, it’s rare to leave unadopted dogs at the shelter for more than a year since they require the capacity to receive new dog rescues.

What happens to the unadopted dogs?

Some are transferred to different shelters. There are certain dogs though, especially the ones who are too sick, who are euthanized.

It was almost Lady’s fate. She was going to be euthanized, but Lady was destined to receive a second chance.

A woman called Shelly went to the shelter that day and spotted Lady’s name among the list of dogs to be euthanized that day. Shelly wouldn’t allow it. She saw that Lady was such a sweet, cheerful, and loving dog.

She needs to be given a second opportunity. Shelly called the lady who saved Lady and begged that she be withdrawn from the list because ‘she’ll make somebody very happy.’

That’s how Shelly became Lady’s foster parent and saved this dog’s life.

It was also via Shelly that Lady came into Amy’s life. Amy and her roommate wanted a dog, and they learned about Lady. Long story short, they ended up adopting Lady.


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When they met Lady for the first time, Amy said she came running out of the car towards them and jumped on them to give them kisses. She rolled on her back so they can give her belly rubs.

She was just being the loveliest girl.

“We fell in love with her right away. She’s not like any other dog. I swear she’s like a human,” Amy told GeoBeats Animals.

From that first day, Amy and Lady have been together 24/7. She’s become Amy’s best friend, the one who understands her. Lady has also been the best remedy for Amy’s mental health difficulties.

There was one thing Amy wanted for Lady, though. She wanted to have another dog that could become Lady’s canine best buddy.

A couple of years later, Amy found out about Gus, who had a lot of anxiety difficulties and emotional trauma.

They decided to apply to adopt Gus. However, when Gus entered their lives, he did not like them. Plus he didn’t like Lady and didn’t want anything to do with her.

This broke their hearts and their dreams. They did remember that Gus had a lot of trauma and presumably had a lot of trust issues.

Amy urged that they give Gus space and time to settle down in their home and lives.

It was a long, laborious journey but Gus finally got to the point where he could trust his new family. They also learned that he gets the most anxious with the car, loud noises, and when left alone.

He was unsure of what to do when he saw his first thunderstorm with his new family. He was panting, pacing, and drooling.That was the night that altered forever for them. Gus rushed up to Amy for comfort and cuddled up to Lady before he eventually fell asleep. Since then, Gus has turned to Lady for comfort.

Lady and Gus may have been abandoned, but Amy constantly reminds them that she loves them and would never desert them.

Meet Lady and Gus in the video below.

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