Sick mother dog pleads man to not abandon her and her newborn puppies in a heartbreaking footage

A tragic clip has been spreading on social media recently. In the video, a mother dog is seen asking a man to not leave her and her puppies behind.

In a film shared by Kluang Johor Stray Dog Home, a man is seen driving his car into the complex of an a rescue shelter.

He then proceeds to get down, taking out of the car with him an adult dog. He also brings out a package which has 5 newborn puppies inside. The puppies still had their eyes closed.

Having deposited them at the front entrance of the property, the man is ready to leave when the mother dog climbs on his legs and stops him midway. He tried to shrug her off but she planted her front legs firmly on his, making it impossible for him to move.

It looked as like she was pleading him to not left her and her children there alone. Regrettably, her plea didn’t work. The man ultimately drove away.

After the shelter discovered the abandoned animals, they brought them to vet for additional investigation. Early diagnostics indicated that the mother dog had breast cancer.

A few follow ups determined that the growth identified on her nipples were not cancer but pyometra, an equally hazardous uterine infection.

The mother dog will have to undergo procedure to remove the tumor after the puppies finish nursing. They would also need to be sterilized to guarantee they do not encounter their mother’s sickness.

Worried as they were, the shelter were also in the midst of a financial crisis. During the lockdown, they have been encountering challenges feeding over 1000 animals live under their care.

Contributions have decreased drastically, requiring them to continuously hunt for additional methods to feed the animals. The man’s recklessness not only added to their load, but also their wrath.

Welcoming the dog family now is a great problem for them, so they have begun campaign on social media to gather finances, any gift even if it is tiny would be very gratefully accepted.

Individuals were nice enough to distribute the post around and channel donations within their capabilities.

Regrettably, the shelter later informed that two of the puppies were deceased.

It was subsequently reported that the individual who left the mother dog and her puppies had reached out to the shelter president to apologize, stating that they were strays and that he could not care for them since he had financial troubles of his own.

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