Sweet Little Dog Spent 4 Years Locked In A Kennel Because Everyone Thought She Was “Bad”

Rose is a dog who needed someone to believe in her after spending 4 years locked in a kennel. Luckily, in 2013, the woman who would accomplish everything for her emerged in her life . It was Glorianne Lagnese, who adopted the dog that at that time belonged to some friends of hers.

This happened when the woman’s friends adopted the dog out of worry for her, since black puppies normally have more trouble finding a household . But, the dog had a hard time adjusting to the other dogs they had at home.

The poor little dog named Rose was travelling from one house to another until she finally found her new parent.

That was when Lagnese offered to babysit the dog, and seeing that at home the dog had no problems with the other dogs, her friends finally offered her the option to take her home, not as a babysitter, but as their new mother.

The woman describes her as a “nice dog” who gets along well with other dogs, cats and children. The dog’s biggest difficulty is being very scared, and although she has trained her, her development has been sluggish but consistent.

“She had no confidence in herself, sometimes she would hear a commotion in the house and she would rush to hide.”

But something entirely unexpected was about to happen. In 2014 someone broke into the woman’s home and in the process let all the dogs in the house escape, including Rose.

As neighbors went to grab the dogs, Rose freaked out and bit two people . This happened in her condominium when the neighbors cornered her so that she would not escape from her, which terrified her a lot, as they were all strangers to her.

Along with her adoptive mother’s dogs she lived in harmony

No one was seriously wounded, but the neighbors phoned the police and animal control , who informed the woman that the dog had to spend 10 days at the shelter as a safety measure.

«I told them ‘ Alright, here is the dog’ , since I did not know what to say so that they would not take her away. I followed her orders and they told me that they would deliver it to me in 10 days, “said the woman.

The dog had never demonstrated aggressive behavior before

After the 10 days, instead of turning over the dog, the kennel staff informed Lagnese that they would have to put her down because her violent behavior had become commonplace .

Of course, the woman was astonished and indignant. She instantly turned to a lawyer named Thom Page, who works for the Lexus Project , who are charged with defending dogs sentenced to die.

Lagnese loved her dog too much to leave her abandoned at that time

The issue got convoluted and ended up in federal court. Lagnese continued to maintain her viewpoint on the dog, because for her the dog was always nice and the punishment for having bitten some people could not be so harsh . So she resolved to fight for her dog.

While legal matters were being considered, the dog spent her days in the kennel, without a bed, toys or medical attention. When her owner went to visit her, she couldn’t even caress her , the only thing the dog could do to have fun with her was to put her metal bowl on her head.

For a long time the poor dog Rose was locked up, alone, without a bed or toys.

The saddest thing was that the dog didn’t understand why she was there and why her owner always had to go and leave her. Thus time passed and, after 4 and a half years, Rose was finally set free.

However Lagnese had to give up being the owner of the dog as part of the bargain for her release. Some friends of hers, owners of Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, are taking care of the dog and engaged Allen Szykula, a professional dog trainer, to rehabilitate the dog.

Thankfully, all her mom’s hard work paid off and now Rose is free again.

Rose is currently 7 years old and adjusting superbly to her life outside the kennel. From day one she has been very friendly with her trainer and all the people at the shelter, and at Zoorprendente we couldn’t feel happier for that.

Rose still has several months of therapy and training ahead of her but she’s finally ready to be put up for adoption and Lagnese wants to make sure she finally gets a happy home in which to spend the rest of her days.

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