After 11 months of being missing, a deaf dog that helped his family through grief is finally found. Let’s celebrate their reunion and the unwavering bond they share

Marisa Martnez received her deaf blue heeler from a friend during one of her most difficult moments. As a single mother, she lost one of her three children, Zamora Moon, to a rare brain cancer known as DIPG in 2017.

Marisa didn’t know the dog was deaf until she saw he didn’t respond to her baby’s crying, calls, or other loud noises. This aspect of her dog, however, was never considered a flaw. In fact, Marisa considers his deafness a “superpower.”

When Rufus ran away from his Santa Fe home in September, Marisa did not hesitate to contact Team Frijoles, a local volunteer group, to assist in his capture. The organization instantly set to work, creating posters and spreading the news.

Marisa’s prospect of ever regaining custody of her beloved Rufus faded over time, but she never truly gave up.

Finally, a good person happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Arabel Solis, a biker, happened to see this adorable pup. He might have gone about his business, but because he understands what it’s like to lose a pet, he always takes the time to report any stray animals he sees.

“You think your dog is gone, that you’ll never see him again,” Arabel observed.

When Team Frijoles was notified, they devised a plan to entice the dog to them. They were able to safely capture the dog they hoped was Rufus by installing cameras, a feeding area, and even a trap.

They were able to swiftly determine that the sweet dog they found was, in fact, Rufus thanks to his chip! Eight days later, a virtual reunion with his family, who were in Spain at the time, was organized – and what a joyous reunion it was!

“It’s nothing short of a miracle,” Marisa exclaimed when Rufus was found.

The reunion that happened in person, though, was the best moment of all. It took Rufus a moment to recall who his mother was, but he was soon ready for all the embraces!

“Life changes in a minute,” she explained. “I don’t know who the powers that be are or if God was involved, I don’t know, but I feel like a big miracle has happened and I am truly blessed.”

Marisa reunites with her pet Rufus in the video below, and please share.

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