First night at home from the shelter! Happiest adoption photo ever

First night at home from the shelther! Happiest adoption photo ever!!! This is what saving a life looks like… Please dont buy. Always adopt.

A pit bull’s reaction to his first night home after finally being adopted has melted hearts online, as the dog was pictured with an enormous smile stretched across his face.

It was his first night home after being adopted, according to the owner, who shared the experience on Reddit.

The newly-adopted pit bull was shown lovingly hugging his little human brother, a broad smile on his face, finally safe and rested in his forever home.

“His smile made me melt inside, and I knew I’d made the right choice,” the owner added.

Thought this belongs here, found on an animal adoption site. First night home after being adopted
by u/rosseepoo in MadeMeSmile

According to research, pit bulls are considerably less likely to be adopted than any other breed, and being identified as a pit bull can cause a dog to spend three times as much time in a shelter.

According to research, American pit bulls are the most prevalent breed in U.S. shelters, yet one study discovered that half of dogs labeled as pit bulls do not have any pit bull DNA.

Pit bulls are a contentious breed, with several accounts of maulings and assaults, and they are frequently a turn-off for potential owners.

Arizona State University performed research to determine how much a dog’s label affects his chances of finding a permanent home. Researchers discovered that canines categorized as pit bulls spend more than three times as much time in a shelter than similar-looking dogs that are not branded as pit bulls.

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“I’ve had a sad day, and this picture warmed my heart,” one user wrote.

“Oh my god, that face!” one person said. Adorabull.”

“I’m sleeping and smiling at the same time!” “You really made their lives,” another added.

Another added that sleeping for long periods of time after being finally adopted is common among dogs from difficult backgrounds. “I don’t know about the situation here, but it’s not uncommon for puppers from rough backgrounds to just sleep for a few days when they are finally placed in a safe home,” they wrote.

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