He laid there almost given up after some people throwing stones at him when he came searching for foods

This poor dog was in terrible shape. Someone had intentionally hacked off his lower right leg.

A groupe of recuers from Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary were searching for him a number of time but couldn’t locate him. When they eventually located him, he had pretty much given up and appeared to be waiting to die.

The reporter said some people had been hurling stones at him when he came searching for foods. We can only fathom the pain and suffering he endured.

Simply trying to survive.

They took him to the Vet to assess the extent of his injuries. His boy was full of holes from the stones hurl at him. There was no way to save his limb but he was too weak for surgery.

10 days later they sent the dog named later Matty blood off for analysis and the results indicate he has very low Rbc, and Hemoglobin level due to blood loss and infection.

Doctor Riv said “his survival is still not guaranteed yet as we have to balance the risk of surgery, against the risk of infection from the necrotic leg tissue. We are doing everything we can to restore his bloods to a normal level and also treat any infection that arises.”

Day 22, Matty is gaining more strength and confidence. His blood counts have improved, but not to the desired level. However, his leg is growing more necrotic by the day so they are going to have to amputate.

Almost 3 months later the Matty is adopted to a new family. He’s prospering in his new home with Blake, and he has so much love to give. It’s remarkable how loving he is given the cruel treatment he endured at the hands of humans before he isrescued.

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