Hours After The Loving Dog Died, A Gri.eving Woman Sees His Face In The Clouds!

Pets are much more than animals. They are both best friends and family to us…!

It would be devastating if our pets died and went to the Rainbow Bridge, a pasture where animals await humans to unite with them and eventually enter Heaven together. We all hope the pet enjoys his or her life there!

While we all hope for the best, it is never easy to say goodbye!

Lucy Ledgeway, 19, is a lady from York, England. She and her dog Sunny are close buddies who have shared so many memories that her death of her beloved pet appeared to be devastating. Sunny, her Jack Russel Terrier, died as a result of a seizure.

After Sunny’s death, Lucy went out with her boyfriend to get some fresh air and clear her head. They passed a spot where Lucy used to walk her dog, Sunny. She got out of the car because she wanted to feel her dog’s presence.

She was wondering about Sunny as she peered up into the sky, hoping to see if her dog was all right. She even saw her dog’s face in the sky!

When the small girl saw the face of her slain dog in the sky, she erupted into sobs!

Maybe that was Sunny’s way of saying she was OK and in a better place. When she sees her dog’s face in the sky, she gets a pleasant feeling. I hope all of the animals who perished are safe in paradise!!!

“Furbabies make the best hellos and the most difficult goodbyes.” God is informing you that your lovely fur baby is with him in Heaven and is extremely pleased and looking forward to seeing you when the time comes…”

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