Loyal Dog’s Devotion: Waiting by the Door for Her Dad’s Return from the Hospital.

 Katie Snyder brought her dog Leia to live with her father in April on a temporary basis.

Leia enjoys having Snyder’s parents to herself and not being bothered by her two canine brothers. But you wouldn’t necessarily know it from her behavior.

Snyder told The Dodo, “Leia is not your normal cuddling dog.” “She’s incredibly self-sufficient and laid-back.”

“Leia loves all of her people in her own unique manner,” she continued. “Whether it’s lying next to you during movie night or waiting outside the bathroom door for you to finish.”

Snyder could see Leia was having a good time, but she had no idea how close the dog had gotten to her father until their connection was tested.

Snyder’s parents were out celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary when her father developed additional cancer problems. Snyder’s mother was unable to accompany him to the hospital because of COVID-19.

Snyder’s mother arrived home alone, and it was evident she wasn’t the only one who was upset. Leia stood guard at the front entrance, head lowered, waiting for her father to return home.

Snyder’s mother took a photograph of the bereaved dog and sent it to her daughter: “When she gave me the image, I instantly burst into tears.” “It destroyed me,” Snyder said. “I could tell how much [Leia] sincerely loved my father and how much she missed him.”

Snyder and Leia were overjoyed when Snyder’s father arrived home the next day.

Snyder is making Leia’s living arrangement permanent after observing how much her father’s absence affected her dog.

“She is the true definition of a dog when it comes to loyalty,” Snyder added. “He is now her human.”

“My mother has become accustomed to having another female kiss him on the face,” she said.

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