Meet the dog who loves to run in marathons and always wins the first places

Chicles’ life was not always easy, since he had a past where he was hurt, but now he is the most loved by his family and competes in marathons

Chicles is a half-breed dog who is around 8 years old and resides in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. He has shown that he has excellent athletic potential since he trains with his owner to run marathons, and he went viral on social media as a result. He will finish in third place in a marathon and second place in the rematch.

Although this dog had a sad past, because decent people adopted him and noticed his sports ability, they did not hesitate to take him to marathons and thereby raise awareness about animal adoption via his story.

The sad past of Chicles, the dog that competes in marathons

Chicles’ owner recounted Bunko the story of his pet dog. Although this puppy appears to be extremely happy and gives his all in each race, the truth is that before being adopted by his present family, his previous owner did not provide him with the required care and often left him alone on the street.

Chicles was run over as a result of the abandonment he suffered, which is why when he runs in marathons he does not support one of his front legs well, but this intelligent little dog knew how to take advantage of that unfortunate experience and now in all races he walks with great caution and never strays into the car zone.

Chicles’ sad past ended when his previous owner died, since his new family decided to adopt him and alter his life forever after finding him alone and defenseless at that moment.

They decided to name him Chicles because he usually wants to stick with people in races, but they also nickname him dolphin head because of the sensitive form of his brow.

The beginning of Chicles in the races

It all began a year ago, in 2022, when its owner, athletics trainer Héctor Hernández, also known as La Flecha, decided to take Chicles on a run. His owner was shocked to discover how intelligent this small dog could be, as she kept up with him and remained well focused during the ride.


Héctor began to include Chicles in this activity more and more from that moment on, and he took care of every element of their food, health, and well-being at all times. And it was in the official Rancho Haros race that he made his debut as a canine runner, covering 6 kilometers.

Can you believe that he has always finished second in marathons? And his owner is the one who narrates some of the races in which he competes, with the purpose of providing him a spot and making him a part of them.

Chicles is a noble, gentle, and intelligent dog who has never caused difficulties in marathons since he constantly runs in his proper spot, without interfering with other competitors. Similarly, the owner always seeks permission from the organizers before taking it to prevent any problems.

The Chicles family rescues more dogs

There is no question that this puppy’s life has taken a full turn since he is now extremely happy next to people that love and support him so that he may develop in what he likes most, which is running.

Chicles has a huge family because its owners regularly rescue pups, and they presently have 18, so if you want to support this little youngster and its siblings, below is their contact information.

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