Pit Bull Finally Gets Adopted After 300+ Days At Shelter

There are a lot of dogs out there who need permanent homes. kids end themselves in shelters, where kids await adoption. Some dogs are fortunate, and their stay is brief. Others, unfortunately, end up staying much longer – months or even years. It’s heartbreaking to witness the unwanted dogs stay in their kennels day after day, hoping to be loved.

Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania SPCA staff worked tirelessly to find a home for one of its long-term residents. Pepe was a pit bull that was surrendered to the Pennsylvania SPCA after a life of cruelty and neglect.

He was taken in by the staff and brought back to health. When he was ready for adoption, however, he was swiftly neglected.

Unfortunately, because Pepe was a pitbull, many people were not interested in him. Nonetheless, the shelter would post about the lovely pup on a weekly basis in the hopes that someone would be ready to take a risk on him.

But the days rapidly added up to 300, and Pepe was approaching his one-year anniversary at the shelter. But it was made even more difficult by the fact that Pepe was growing increasingly sad. Pepe could not acclimate to life in the shelter, no matter how nice the people were to him.

Every time he was taken for a stroll, it was evident that he didn’t want to go back inside the shelter. In fact, the poor puppy would clearly get disturbed and worried. Pepe’s chance of happiness was looking dismal.

However, something extraordinary occurred one Monday when the shelter neglected to post about Pepe. And what is the precise cause for the lack of a post? The exciting news that Pepe had been adopted!

It wasn’t long until the shelter joyously shared the amazing news on social media, tweeting a series of postings that stated, “One of our longest term residents, Pepe, hated life in the shelter.” He had come over a year earlier in an emaciated state, a potential victim of brutality and neglect. Our staff nursed him back to health, which proved to be the most difficult aspect of his trip.

Pepe was a bright young man who found it difficult to live in a kennel. When it was time to go back in after walks with pals, he was anxious, panting, jumping, and complaining. Pepe, on the other hand, thrived outside of the shelter. He loved to go long walks and jump in the car. We were aware that we were on a tightrope with him. We needed to find him a permanent home before he deteriorated to the point of no return at the shelter. We promoted him strongly on social media, and he met key people, but Pepe waited.”

“We did not give up on Pepe,” the post continued. Pepe wasn’t here last Monday for the finest of reasons. He wasn’t present since, after three meetings, his family declared PEPE ADOPTED! Instead of sleeping on the hard floor of the shelter, he now sleeps soundly between his parents. He’s not panting or jumping about; he’s content.”

That is simply the finest news ever! All dogs deserve to be raised in caring homes where they receive plenty of love and care. Based on the photos, Pepe has finally found a home where he will be lavished with plenty of love and attention for the rest of his life, which makes us very pleased.

What are your thoughts on Pepe’s story? Please let us know!

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